04 May 2009

Ladies travelling light article in Polish

Well, for all of our Polish readers (and there must just be oh so many of you...) the article that I contributed heavily to on ladies travelling with one bag has been translated into Polish. That's the first one of my articles that's been in Polish. I've had my stuff in Spanish before, and I think French, but never Polish!

So hop on over to the Polish Skyscanner website to have a read!

And on a completely different subject, we are now the proud owners of a pretty good, not quite entry level, telescope. It cost us the princely sum of $30. John's been out in the front yard looking at Saturn (he's so excited, he's like a little kid!). I had a quick look too, and you can even see the rings! Its only tiny, but absolutely amazing to think that with such a small piece of equipment, we can see SO far! It will be going with us to Bathurst. (The telescope that is, not Saturn...)

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