05 May 2009

Going to New Zealand

I was just reading on Gadling about their suggestion for people to visit New Zealand. When I was young my family went on only one overseas holiday, and it was to New Zealand. Dad doesn't like staying anywhere other than in their caravan (because its cheap), so in NZ we hired a campervan. That meant that we could travel overseas without him feeling like he was being ripped off by staying in motels...

Anyway, seeing the post on Gadling reminded me of the wonderful spoof advertisement that they came up with on The Gruen Transfer, which is a fascinating and very funny Australian show about the advertising industry. Each week on the Gruen Transfer, they have a segment called The Pitch, where they get two ad agencies to come up with a TV advertisement to sell the unsellable. The week that I am particularly remembering was when they had to sell the idea of Australia invading New Zealand. It was hilarious.

Now, for something completely new to me, I'm going to try to embed a video here. (Never done this before, and it seemed like a really good excuse to try.) Its the video of the ad that I preferred of the two. You can find the other one pretty easily on YouTube.


If this doesn't work, you can find the video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8AIppqNePdM

For the record, I thought New Zealand was a beautiful place. I don't have any overwhelming need to invade it, either, even though I am an Australian. But a visit might be nice!

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