03 May 2009

Excuses for not travelling

I recently happened upon the blog Technomadia where the writers are creating a series of posts about excuses for not travelling, and how to counteract each of those excuses.

So far they have covered:
  • jobs and career
  • affording it
  • stuff
  • family
and they'll be adding more over the coming weeks.

Thought-provoking ideas, and well worth thinking through.

The idea of just upping stumps and going off into the wide blue yonder is appealing, and I think it would be a wonderfully educational experience for our kids (and us!). However I'd suggest another excuse, that for John and I is a big one. It is that we want to have our roots somewhere. For us, that is here in Sydney. That's where our friends and family are. That's where we come back to when we want to come home. And coming home is something that I do love to do.

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