27 January 2009

No 1 piece of advice: travel light

Our favourite piece of advice is to travel light. Navigating metros, taxis, cobblestones, stairs and fast paced cities with kids is much easier with small, light luggage.

We chose wheelie bags that also had zip-away backpack straps, meaning that we could wheel when we wanted to, and put them on our backs when we needed to. In many situations I’d much prefer holding my children’s hands and having my bag on my back, than holding onto my luggage and having my kids wandering free. Sometimes this is just a matter of security and safety.

Our older child has her own wheelie bag, and our younger child carries a small backpack.

We now travel with cabin luggage only. It is a pleasure to travel this way. This is especially useful if you will be taking lots of flights, as there will be no lost or damaged luggage. There is less stuff to keep track of as well, and you’ll know that when you have kids, there seems to be an inordinate amount of “stuff”!

If you think that this sort of travelling light might be for you, we recommend that you visit OneBag.com for helpful information on how to do it.

And if you think it sounds impossible for travelling with kids, it certainly isn't! We've done it and loved it.

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