28 January 2009

favourite travel items

On our travels we have come up with an ever growing list of favourite travel items. These are things we have tried and loved and now wouldn't leave home without.

We will occasionally post "Favourite Travel Items" so that you can see what we love, and why.


  1. Hi John and Yvette - Yvette discovered our blog recently (www.portable-parents.com/blog). We are traveling around S. America with our kids where English books can be hard to find. We have found our Amazon Kindle Wireless Reading Devices indispensable! We can download new books whenever we have internet access (we have even found free eBook sites) (www.gutenberg.org and www.truly-free.org), and bring our reading wherever we go. Check them out! Gina

  2. Hi Gina,

    Thanks for the recommendation. I usually find when we're travelling that I don't have enough time to read a book. But the way you're travelling - a lifestyle rather than a simple-cram-it-all-in holiday, you'd get time to read! Last holiday I didn't even take a book - and didn't feel the lack of it either (note though, that I am absolutely addicted to reading. A friend says "Yvette doesn't read books - she devours them"). In my "spare" time I wrote in my diary, which took up quite a lot of time.

    But you're right - for non-English speaking destinations, and having access to English language books, it would be great!

    I really enjoy reading your blog. :-)