22 May 2009

Murray, the Red Wiggle, and Choice

At the time of writing I just saw Murray, the Red Wiggle, out the front of our neighbour's house. In normal suburban Sydney. Well, I guess he has to live a normal life too... What does this have to do with travelling with kids? Nothing actually, but I was so surprised to see him there that I thought I'd tack it on the front of this post!

My topic for this post actually about the latest issue of Choice magazine - May 2009.

There's an article about international airlines, rating them for criteria like value for money, seat comfort, in flight service, ability to get a convenient flight etc. According to their survey, Singapore Airlines provided the highest overall levels of satisfaction for their survey respondents.

Then there's also an article on travel money, exploring the good and bad points of different ways to pay for things in foreign countries. They look at the pros and cons of credit cards, cash, travellers cheques, ATM and debit cards, prepaid travel money cards, and dynamic currency conversion. They even list one credit card that has NO foreign currency conversion fee!

So, if you enjoy Choice articles, grab a copy of the latest issue of the magazine.

1 comment:

  1. Murray is a very talented guitar player. Greg was a terrific singer (but apparently is no longer performing with the group due to a medical condition, though we have older Wiggles DVDs chock full of Greg). Anthony is the goofy one who my wife has the hots for. Not sure what Jeff brings to the table, other than narcolepsy.


    I haven't done a ton of international travel, but am a big fan of Cathay Pacific. It might have been the free booze.