07 May 2009

how to get good airfare deals

There are some really good deals on airfares out there at the moment, as airlines try to stimulate business due to the economic downturn. With a little homework, you might be able to get a pretty good deal.

A few years ago when we were thinking of travelling to the US the following year, we went into our local travel agent to get an idea of the airfares. We found out that because Air Tahiti Nui had opened a new route from Sydney to New York, they had a special promotional deal on. We managed to get airfares for our kids of just $AU99 return to NY, plus taxes! Because the prices were so low, we brought the trip forward to that year, as we figured that we'd never get a deal so good again.

And Air Tahiti Nui turned out to be a great airline. I still think that their pilots do the best landings ever. They are so smooth and gentle. I guess it comes from all the practice of taking off and landing all the time when flying between the islands in French Polynesia.

From The Sydney Morning Herald, comes a list of ways to secure good prices for your airfares. These are somewhat Australian-centric tips, but you can adapt them to your own locale.

By following some simple guidelines, anyone can travel cheap.

Get in almost immediately when promotions are announced as the cheapest flights will sell quickly.

Fly midweek as the lowest fares are often on off-peak days.

Sign up for airline newsletters and travel alerts

Watch out for new routes: airlines frequently offer special deals to attract publicity.

Check regular sales, such as Jetstar's Fare Frenzy, 4pm-8pm every Friday, and Virgin Blue's daily Happy Hour, noon-1pm

Consider package deals that include accommodation.

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