21 April 2009

Living vicariously through others' travel

We have some friends who are currently EXTREMELY excited about their first BIG overseas trip as a family. They did all go to a Pacific island last year, but somehow I think they are much more excited about a trip that they are planning to Europe.

They have lots of questions for us about how we do our travel with our kids. We'll be going on a picnic with them on Saturday, so we'll all get to get terribly excited about their proposed trip!

A family member is also currently planning a trip to Europe, and it has been fun seeing her decide what tour to take, and how and where she will spend her extra time in London.

Far from being terribly jealous of their travels, (well, maybe I am a little...) I'm so excited for them, and so pleased that they are able to go. It does help that we went on a big trip last year, so we don't feel particularly overdue for another one.

Our friend today commented that he just feels like everything is focused on the upcoming trip. I said that I was the same too, except that ours is about 2-3 years away! No, maybe that's not exactly true - I don't think about Greece and Turkey (our proposed destinations) most of the time, just travelling in general!

So we do enjoy helping them to plan, giving them tips on how to manage the long distances with kids, great places to go etc, without planning our own holiday for them! They do after all, probably have quite different ideas about what they imagine their holiday to be like. I'm sure they won't end up doing the same things as us, just because we're different people to them.

However, the opportunity is there for us to talk about what we did, what worked for us etc. And then they're very welcome to chose to do the same, or something completely different!

It just brings back all the wonderful memories...

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