03 March 2009

House swapping

Some family members are wanting to spend a couple of months including the coming Christmas, in a particular place in Germany while one of them does some doctoral research. I suggested to them that they should consider house swapping to reduce the costs.

I figured that offering a Sydney house in summer for a couple of months might well be attractive to some people!

They have launched into the process of organising it, and currently have two families/groups interested in swapping with them.

Yesterday I found this article in the Sydney Morning Herald, about house swapping and thought I should mention house-swapping as a low-cost way of obtaining accommodation while travelling with the family.

It could work for you!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for mentioning house swapping. This is a great travel alternative especially when your travel with kids.

    A big advantage over a single room hotel stay is that both parents and kids get there own space. Often people swap with families have children of the same age - this means "new" toys for the kids to play with for the duration of the holiday.

    Our home exchange website, http://www.1sthomeexchange.com has numerous articles, tips and several videos to help find and arrange a swap.