09 February 2009

Our top ten reasons to travel with kids

'Sisters' Batalha, Portugal.

I think that we could probably say that our kids are our very favourite travel items! There are many reasons why we choose to travel with our kids rather than leaving them at home with carers. 
  1. They are part of our family and we love to be with them.
  2. We love to create shared memories to make our family strong.
  3. They are cheaper to take when they are little, and in some places such as some hotels and museums, they are free!
  4. They are such sponges for information, and what better way to learn about the world than by experiencing some of it?
  5. While they may not remember everything they saw or did, all the experiences will add to their knowledge base and be something to build other information on.
  6. They see the world differently to us, which can add to the richness of our experience.
  7. In many parts of the world, kids are more highly valued than in our culture, adding to the richness their of experience.
  8. Its always great to have your most special people with you when you experience amazing things.
  9. They can get you through customs quicker - customs officials often like to get families through quickly.
  10. Its great to be able to show your kids that the world is bigger than your own backyard - it broadens their horizons.

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