27 February 2009

more on packing cubes

Have been reading up more about packing cubes. (Mesh packing cubes from Magellan's shown right.)

One really good case FOR them is that when your bags are searched by airport officials, they don't mess everything up so much, because they can simply take out the cubes and put them each through the scanner.

I reckon that even though we use Doug Dyment's wonderful clothes packing method, the whole bundle could still be put into a packing cube to keep them neatly bundled.

I DO like the idea of everything being nicely sectioned off, so that all the little things don't fall to the bottom of the luggage. I'm really getting close to wanting to try them.

Now, I wonder if they could help me organise my office and keep it nice and tidy...?! Maybe that's going a bit far...


  1. Found your blog today via the Tom Binh luggage site. I read all your archives and bookmarked your site!

    I don't have children yet to travel with, but went on many trips as a child myself (standby flights with an airline employee parent). We only took carry-on luggage and had to carry it by ourselves as soon as we were old enough!

    I sew too, so enjoy all your sewing related posts. (www.patternreview.com is a great site)

    Main purpose of my comment: I've been reading for a few years about packing cubes and finally bought some from RickSteves in December (1 large size, 2 mediums/smalls). I've tried the cubes on 4 trips now. I still haven't decided if cubes are the perfect solution or not. I used the smaller size cubes on all the trips and the large only once and had both clothers and underwear in the large size. On the other trips I used the small size to organize small things. Before the cubes, I always used 1-gallon or 2.5 gallon ziplock bags, which worked great.

    I will look forward to reading about your opinions of the cubes if you eventually buy them.

  2. Hi Jemilyea,

    Thanks for your comment. I have visited patternreview.com briefly, but have yet to properly explore it. Thanks for recommending it.

    About packing cubes, it may be that I don't buy any, but instead MAKE some! :-) Interesting to hear that you're not completely sold on them. What didn't work?


  3. I've been using the cubes in a backpack or duffle bag, which may be why Ziplock bags seem to work as well as cubes do. Cubes would be ideal in a rectangular suitcase.

  4. Ah... yes, that does make sense. Thanks.